Benefits of preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is required for many industrial tools and machines to ensure they run at maximum efficiency. This type of maintenance often includes lubrication, cleaning, and adjusting the parts of a machine to keep the machine running smoothly. Completing timely maintenance on the machine over a period time will help minimize breakdowns and make repairs quicker to fix. The phrase preventive maintenance refers to a complete program focused on keeping all machines and tools up to par. In the past the ideology was, "If it's not broke don't fix it". Now days the phrase has changed to, "If it's not broken, lets keep it that way". Here is a list of some benefits of instituting preventive maintenance into any type of industry.

  • By implementing a preventive maintenance program machines will work at full efficiency creating profitable uptime, while reducing downtime.
  • Reduces the chances of complete machine breakdowns. Problems are recognized earlier with a preventive maintenance plan.
  • Reduces the chance of emergency repair calls. If a machine goes down it can sometimes take a few days for a repair crew to get in there. Preventive maintenance can help lower the chance of something like this happening.
  • Reduces downtime to locate and replace missing parts. If a part needs to be replaced it may take a few days to recieve. Parts can be ordered before an unexpected failure happens.
  • Saves money on electricity. When machines run at their highest efficiency they will use the least amount of electricity, which means saving your wallet money.
  • Preventive maintenance will reduce the possibility of unnecessary repairs.
  • Reduces scrap caused by poorly operating machinery.
  • May reduce insurance rates since well maintained machines are much safer.
  • Reduces late deliveries that may occur due to downed machinery.

There are many reasons why it is important to implement a preventive maintenance program and over time the program will pay for itself. Don't wait until the entire machine goes down and money is lost while it is out of commission. Prevent major catastrophes by stopping the problem before it starts.