Energy Savings & Efficiency

Energy Savings and Efficiency in Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air systems can be the largest energy expense in the average industrial facility. For example, in Arizona a 50-horsepower (HP) compressor running 4,000 hours per year can consume almost $13,500 per year in energy. There are opportunities to save energy with almost every compressed air system including leak detection, increasing air receiver volume, installing air compressor controls, proper pipe sizing, and upgrading inefficient equipment. In addition to saving energy and reducing energy costs, a properly working and efficient compressed air system can:

  • Improve manufacturing processes, resulting in better quality control
  • Reduced scrap rates
  • Lower energy cost
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Increase profits

More information:

A system audit takes a comprehensive look at the compressed air system — both supply and demand sides — in order to identify potential inefficiencies. This service involves a trained Arizona Pneumatic service technician in the Phoenix, AZ area installing data loggers on your air compressors for a week or more and conducting extensive analyses to determine the cost as well as total savings for proposed improvement projects. Arizona Pneumatic will provide a full system air audit report when this process has been completed.

Please contact Arizona Pneumatic Systems, Inc. for a no-cost compressed air system evaluation. We never charge a fee to educate and help users of compressed air.