Selecting an Air Compressor

When it comes to selecting an air compressor it takes time and patience to find the right one to fit your application. There are many factors to consider when purchasing an air compressor and the big two are quality and reliability. Companies cannot afford to see their equipment fail. When machines go down, so does a business. With that in mind it is always important to research all products to find one that is not only reliable, but cost effective as well. When evaluating an air compressor take these components into consideration:

Airend - Check the packaging thoroughly for engineering data from the manufacturer. Evaluate the performance and reliability of the machine before making any purchases. For instance, Gardner Denver is a company that has proven their products work well and are very durable.

Cooling Systems - To handle ambient operating temperatures the air compressor's cooling system must always work properly. An air-cooled compressor will have either an integrally mounted or separate oil and air cooler to keep the machine running properly.

Drive - Belt drives are easy to maintain and will provide the most flexibility in pressure selection. With automated belt-tensioning devices the transmission efficiency is ensured and the bearings are protected from excessive stress. Direct drive couples the airend directly to the motor using a coupling.

Controls - The system needs to be easy to operate for the user and just as easy to maintain.

Interconnecting Piping - Selecting an air compressor with rigid piping with flexible connections will ensure there will be no leaks.

Motor - Remember to compare the brake horsepower to nameplate rating. Motors that go well into the service factor are not as reliable.

Selecting the proper air compressor for your application can improve operational efficiency and increase your bottom line. Don't let high air compressor repair cost bring your company to a halt. Long before an air compressor reaches the breaking point, consider preventive maintenance from a local service department.